Theatre Membership

Eligibility Requirements

Not-for-profit, tax-exempt status. Professional orientation and standards as defined, in part, by the following:

  • Minimum operating expenses of $50,000 in most recently completed fiscal year
  • Professional paid leadership, including at least one full-time paid professional director or manager (filled either by one individual or shared)
  • Evidence of rigorous pursuit of theatrical form, as shown by artists' payroll activity of at least 15 weeks per year or by a minimum of 50 performances per year
  • A commitment to the rehearsal process which is demonstrated by at least 30 hours of rehearsal time for primary production activities
  • Minimum of one years' prior existence as a professional producing organization with continuity of operation
  • Community vitality, as evidenced by local, state or national funding sources, local media coverage and/or community awards or other recognition of the value of the theatre's work
  • Diversification of funding sources, with no more than 50% of expenses covered by any single contributed income source
  • Payment to actors equivalent to the Equity minimum for the area (theatres need not operate on a union contract) or at least 20% of the theatre's annual budget dedicated to total artist compensation (including but not limited to actors)

Membership fee : .195% of your theatre's total income (both earned and unearned), with a minimum assessment of $550 and a maximum assessment of $15,000.

Theatres failing to meet any of the above eligibility requirements are encouraged to apply, as long as their application materials include explanatory information addressing those eligibility criteria not met. The TCG Board of Directors may vote to make an exception if a theatre has demonstrated a track record of excellence and is engaged in work of high professional standards.

See a list of TCG's current member theatres.


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