Salary Survey


Last Chance to Participate in TCG Salary Survey 2020!

TCG’s annual Salary Survey is conducted as a service to our Member Theatres, with the intent of aiding managing and artistic leaders in planning, budgeting, and making critical personnel decisions. The survey gathers salaries for more than 60 administrative, artistic, and production positions common among not-for-profit theatres, as well as fees paid to guest artists such as directors, choreographers, and designers; weekly wages for both union and non-union actors and stage managers; and hourly wages for both union and non-union jobbed-in production and front-of-house personnel.

Survey participants receive a full summary report, as well as the ability to request custom reports throughout the year, via written request. Reports can be tailored by budget range, geographic region, and other criteria to meet the participant's needs.

Confidentiality and Availability of Results:

We recognize and honor the confidentiality of the salary information provided to us by our Member Theatres. As such, we do not make any Salary Survey data available online or share the survey report publicly. This policy is strictly maintained.

Participation in the survey is restricted to TCG Member Theatres. While participation is voluntary, the survey results will be shared only with the leaders of those Member Theatres that do participate in the survey, with the expectation that they be kept confidential and used only for the purposes of internal budgeting and planning. All reports present data in aggregate, and no theatre's individual information is ever revealed. We note that no endorsement is made of the salary, fee, and wage ranges presented in the Salary Survey report as being ideal or equitable.

For questions or further information about the TCG Salary Survey, please contact Ilana B. Rose, associate director of research & collective action, at or 212-609-5900, ext. 257.

Salary Survey 2020 FINAL Deadline:



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