Snapshot Survey Reports

Snapshot Surveys are short surveys focusing on various topics such as fiscal health, education, governing boards, and employee benefits. This format allows TCG to gather and to disseminate information quickly and to identify new areas for investigation.

For questions about the following surveys, contact Ilana B. Rose, associate director of research & collective action.


In March 2020, TCG launched the first in what will be a series of snapshot surveys about the COVID-19 pandemic in order to track the impact of the pandemic on the professional not-for-profit theatre field, to offer support to the field, and to advocate on its behalf.

Taking Your Fiscal Pulse Reports

The Taking Your Fiscal Pulse reports convey timely information on the extent to which theatres are meeting their budgetary goals for their fiscal year, share theatres' projections for the next fiscal year and reflect their current concerns.

Special Reports on Education

Archived on this page are TCG's annual Special Reports on Education (formerly known as the Education Centerpiece). Each report is comprised of three sections: a narrative portion that offers voices from the field a platform from which to speak about a specific education-related topic; a presentation of the data from the annual TCG Education Survey, which focuses on programming, demographics served, and staffing; and education-related data from the annual TCG Fiscal Survey, including earned income, contributed income, and expenses.

Governing Boards Survey

TCG periodically conducts a Governing Boards Survey that captures not-for-profit board of directors' composition—including age, gender, and race/ethnicity—as well as board structures; policies and activities; development and engagement practices; committees; board/staff relations; and priorities.

Employee Benefits Survey

TCG conducts a periodic Employee Benefits Survey which collects Member Theatre information on health insurance, retirement plans, disability and paid leave policies, along with professional development opportunities and other staff "perks."

Online Ticket Sales and Contributions

Technology is becoming a necessary part of how marketing and development departments operate. This survey gathered information on online ticket sales and contributions for TCG Member Theatres.

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