Chance Magazine

Chance Magazine is a serialized art-book about design. Designed with passion and meticulous perfection, Chance is an elegant and peerless publication about the most compelling contemporary events in design. Each issue features fourteen original editorials and photo shoots from Paris, London, New York and across America.

Photography: Superior imagery is the foundation of our publication, therefore Chance commissions original photo shoots of the topics we pursue.

Journalism: We develop an original investigative conversation around the shoots, detailing the entire design process including cross-discipline correlations.

Book Design: The focus of Chance from layout through image flow and color sequence is singular: to inspire artists and audiences to connect within a culture of creativity and invent something new we can share with the world. We produce an original photo shoot of nearly every production we cover, and believe that superior documentation can change the way we think and write about the theater and the artists who create for it.
A calm, noise free place to engage with the aesthetics of design in detail, Chance integrates all of the arts, material and non material, into a single space where the poetry of human thought can expand our desire for a more provocative and lifted engagement with design.

Contact Information

32 Union Square East, #1214
New York, NY 10032

Phone:    646-232-6468



Books from Chance Magazine

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