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Robert O'Hara


Winner of the 2017 Lambda Literary Award for LGBT Drama


Praise for Barbecue 

“Siblings are held together and divided by addiction in Barbecue, Robert O’Hara’s new play…My idea of an American classic, or the kind of classic we need.” —New Yorker

“This is a look at an America where real-life behaviors take their cues from reality TV…Barbecue is an examination of a new historical moment, filmed, framed, televised and tweeted, in which everything is in performance.” —Hollywood Reporter

“O’Hara has written a comedy about getting reality to fit the truth we’ve previously constructed for it…A meditation on lying and how we all do it when we construct the narratives of ‘us.’” —NBC

“O’Hara is a genius at scene-building, that deceptively difficult art of dancing backward and forward at once, and is also inerrant at locating the social experience of his plays at the intersection of voyeurism and minstrelsy…A hysterical new play.” —Vulture

“A brash, taboo-flouting roast of race and representation.” —Time Out New York

“O’Hara has proved he can pull a rabbit out of a hat. Barbecue is lousy with rabbits—and laughs…There are so many surprises in Barbecue that not much can be said about its content without giving them away.” —Entertainment Weekly

Praise for Bootycandy 

“A searing and sensationally funny comedy about the sometimes poisonous attitude toward homosexuality in black culture…Bootycandy is as raw in its language and raucous in spirit as it is smart and provocative.” —New York Times

“Insanely entertaining…Bootycandy is basically a spiritual autobiography through satire, loosely tracking the life of a gay black boy named Sutter from childhood through his professional success as a playwright.” —Vulture

“Arrestingly original in so many ways…O’Hara deliberately walks an uncomfortable line between humor and its opposite, which lends added punch and an air of the unexpected to Bootycandy.” —Boston Globe

“Funny, smutty and, on the whole, enticingly subversive…Bootycandy is a toxically satiric portrait of American life, as it is experienced by someone who is black and gay.” —Washington Post

“Trashing and lashing out at racial, cultural and sexual stereotypes isn’t new. But this vision gets credit for its smarts and unruliness. O’Hara doesn’t scrub or sanitize his satire one bit…this show is delectably un-PC and potty-mouthed.” —New York Daily News

“Largely inspired by writer Robert O’Hara’s own experience…Bootycandy is a raucous romp made up of a series of loosely connected vignettes…Sassy, saucy, occasionally graphic and irreverently funny.” —New York Post

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